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About Our Free Consultation Process

  1. Tell us what is going on
    1. Submit a summary of your employment issue via the contact submission form on this page;
    2. Email us at; or
    3. Call us at 734-954-0100
  2. We’ll contact you within 24 hours
    1. Often times this involves us asking follow up questions to ensure we have enough information to make an initial determination.
  3. We may then ask you to fill out a more detailed questionnaire to ensure we have enough information to make a final determination.
  4. We will then let you know:
    1. Whether you have a potential claim; and
    2. Whether it would be worth it to pursue.
  5. This process could take a day, or it could take weeks, it all just depends on how quickly we receive the information we need from you to make a determination.
    1. For our part, we are generally able to evaluate the information you provide and determine what the next step should be within a day or two.
  6. If we decline to represent you, we will gladly refer you to another attorney for a second opinion at your request.

In Person Consultations

In order to properly advise you, we first need to get the relevant information from you. Then, often we will need to do some research to determine exactly how the law applies to the facts of your case. This is what our case evaluation process is designed to do. After this process is complete, we may schedule a free consultation to discuss your case and representation.

However, we understand the emotional distress caused by employment problems and the desire some have to talk to an attorney face to face immediately. In these situations, we do offer consultations for a fee. This fee may be refunded if we decide to represent you. Give us a call if you think you would like to schedule a consultation.  

In addition to in-person consultations, we offer Zoom consultations at the preference of the client.

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Client Questionnaire

If you would like your potential case reviewed at no cost, please complete the Client Intake Form - and email it along with the requested documentation to upon completion.