Lawyers Dedicated to Workplace Fairness and Equality

At Fett & Fields, P.C., we receive a lot of media coverage for handling high-profile employment cases. We are known for being formidable, relentless and well-prepared — and we're proud of that.

When you are considering investing energy and hope into a lawsuit, what matters most is whether the firm you hire evaluates cases rigorously and gets results. We do. In careers that span decades, we have a "win rate" (considering both jury verdicts and settlements) above 90 percent. If you live in Michigan and have been victimized by on-the-job discrimination or another serious workplace injustice, contact us today.

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Focused, Tenacious Lawyers for Complex Discrimination Cases

Our legal team is led by James K. Fett, a renowned employment lawyer who has earned groundbreaking and sizable victories for clients across the spectrum of race, gender and occupation. Jim's awards for accomplishment and integrity are numerous, and he has focused on employment law for over 20 years.

In addition to representing minorities, women, older employees and others, we are known for prevailing for white male clients victimized by misguided diversity policies and affirmative action quotas. In our view, reverse discrimination is still discrimination — just as harmful as bias against minorities or women, and as unjust as that driven by age or disability.

Why Turn to Us in Pinckney?

There are many excellent attorneys across Michigan. You may ask why you should work with us rather than a local employment lawyer. Whether you recover at all and the amount of your recovery will quite often depend on your attorney's skill, experience and tenacity. Many clients come to us because:

  • Mr. Fett has 28 years of experience in employment law
  • Our "win rate" is over 90%
  • We have achieved verdicts over $1,000,000
  • Mr. Fett has been recognized by his peers and the media with many awards for excellence in the practice of employment law

But even beyond those important factors, cases involving on-the-job discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and retaliation often call for an attorney who is not dependent on business connections in your home community. We are beholden to no one and cannot be intimidated.

We also have an office in Ann Arbor which is only 50 minutes from Detroit.

No Public or Private Employer Is Above the Law — or Beyond Our Legal Reach

We don't have to worry about fallout from taking on your company management, the local city council or other influential people in your area. After all, our opponents have included Ford Motor Company, the State of Michigan and other entities with imposing power and resources. When you contact us, you can benefit from bringing in a proven legal "gunslinger" to fight against the high-stakes injustice at hand.

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