Streeter v Ford Motor Company

This is the first reverse discrimination class action lawsuit against a private corporation. The suit challenged Ford Motor Company's employee evaluation system that required managers to rank their subordinates as A, B or C players. The A's represented the top 10% of the performers; the B's represented the middle 80% of the performers; and the C players were considered to be in the lowest 10% regarding performance. The consequences of receiving a C designation was that an employee would receive no raise, no bonus and a ticket out of the company if they received a C two years in a row.

We asserted that Ford Motor Company instituted the evaluation system to target older white males for termination so that they could increase the number of minorities and females in its workforce. The suit featured videotaped statements by Ford's CEO Jack Nasser that "we have too many middle-aged white Anglo-Saxon males and that needs to change," and from Vice President Richard Perry Jones that "we have a monoculture of old, white males and that needs to change." The suit also featured statistical evidence demonstrating that older and male employees were much more likely to be targeted for a C rating than younger and female employees.

Six months after we initiated suit, Ford Motor Company scrapped its ABC evaluation system. Shortly after that, the case settled for $10,500,000.00. As part of the settlement, Ford agreed to contribute $110,000.00 toward the costs incurred by the Plaintiffs. For further information on this case type in "James Fett" and "Ford" into your search engine, and you will uncover many media accounts of the case.