Ehlert v City of Dearborn

Karen Ehlert filed an internal sexual harassment complaint against a coworker. The Chief of Police attempted to dissuade Karen from proceeding with the complaint. When she refused, the Chief demeaned her to her supervisors with vulgar sexist slurs. Karen's superiors reported the slurs to Karen and to her union. The Chief also retaliated against Karen and colleagues who were supportive of her in her sexual harassment complaint. Finally, the Chief refused to rectify a tainted promotional exam, which deprived Karen of promotion from Sergeant to Lieutenant. Some even think the Chief rigged the test, but we were never able to prove it.

As a result of this case, the City of Dearborn fired the Police Chief and entered into a confidential settlement agreement with Karen. Karen, because of her excellent scores in the Civil Service promotional process, obtained a promotion to Lieutenant. We had to file suit again in 2007 against the Dearborn Police Department because it refused to promote Karen to commander. The case settled for a confidential amount.