Cremonte v Michigan State Police

In this reverse discrimination case, we challenged the Michigan State Police double standard, which required white males seeking promotion to Sergeant to score 92 or above on the Sergeant's Exam while requiring minorities and females to score only 73 or above. We also challenged the Michigan State Police practice of using race and gender to determine which eligible Troopers would be promoted to Sergeant.

The case was tried in February, 1996 and resulted in a judgment of over $1.1 million dollars. The Court also enjoined the Michigan State Police from using race or gender in any of its employment practices.

Trooper Cremonte eventually received a promotion to Detective Sergeant and continued to work at the Brighton, Michigan State Police Post.

In addition to Sergeant Cremonte's case, we also represented Michigan State Troopers in six other cases that resulted in settlements or judgments totaling over $1.5 million.