Representative Cases

Diaz v. City of Inkster

Plaintiff Thomas Diaz is a Puerto-Rican Lieutenant with the Inkster Police Department. When the Inkster Police Department Chief retired, Diaz applied for and was denied the Chief’s position in f… Read More

Streeter v Ford Motor Company

This is the first reverse discrimination class action lawsuit against a private corporation. The suit challenged Ford Motor Company’s employee evaluation system that required managers to rank th… Read More

McWherter v City of Ann Arbor

This was the first sexual harassment case aired on Court TV. We recovered $440,000.00 for Traffic Court Referee, Lois McWherter, in her sexual harassment and retaliation claims against the City of Ann… Read More

Ehlert v City of Dearborn

Karen Ehlert filed an internal sexual harassment complaint against a coworker. The Chief of Police attempted to dissuade Karen from proceeding with the complaint. When she refused, the Chief demeaned… Read More

Peña v Ingham County Road Commission

Joe Peña was a laborer with the Ingham County Road Commission, and for thirteen years he was forced to endure despicable racial slurs and a hostile work environment. We brought a race and national or… Read More

Cremonte v Michigan State Police

In this reverse discrimination case, we challenged the Michigan State Police double standard, which required white males seeking promotion to Sergeant to score 92 or above on the Sergeant’s Exam… Read More

John and Jane Does v Wayne County

We have successfully sued Wayne County Juvenile Detention Facility for retaliating against their employees who report criminal sexual abuse of the juveniles, or who oppose racial discrimination agains… Read More

Tisdale & Hughes v United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices, Local 704

Mr. Fett brought a race discrimination suit on behalf of African-American plaintiffs Donald C. Tisdale and Larron V. Hughes against their local union because its hiring hall would not refer them to em… Read More