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It takes great courage to challenge or expose wrongdoing by your employer — whether you, other employees or the public have been the victims. If you have tried to do the right thing and suffered severe consequences — such as a retaliatory dismissal, suspension, or continued mistreatment — please contact us for an informed evaluation of your potential legal case.

Most whistleblower cases come to light only after an employee has tried hard to handle a problem through "proper channels" in an organization, only to run into determined resistance or retaliation. In addition to reporting illegal activity by their employers to law enforcement, regulators or media, people suffer illegal retaliation for:

A Track Record of Success in Cases of Discrimination and Retaliation

In a whistleblower case initiated in 2001, attorney James K. Fett represented a human resources manager at a Fortune 500 company who contested a company-wide system that "explicitly discouraged consideration of white men for promotion to a top echelon of management in favor of women and minority candidates" (as stated in a Wall Street Journal story published Oct 1, 2001). We ultimately reached a confidential settlement in this case, and our client returned to work in a comparable position at the company.

This is one of many cases in which our Pinckney, Michigan-based lawyers have taken on powerful corporate and government adversaries. We have also prevailed for employees of:

  • Wayne County, Michigan — in multiple lawsuits for retaliation against juvenile detention facility employees who reported sexual abuse or racial discrimination.
  • The Ingham County Road Commission — in a Hispanic man's retaliation and racial harassment case that produced a $1.3 million jury verdict.
  • The Oakland County Road Commission — on behalf of a white male subjected to retaliation and a hostile work environment after complaining about racially inflammatory clothing worn by others.

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We have handled many cases involving shocking treatment that continued for years, as well as single instances of retaliation against a whistleblower. Our experience enables us to demonstrate what happened in ways that juries relate to, and to counter complex defense strategies. For employment law counsel you can trust, please call or e-mail us today.

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