Reverse Discrimination

Fighting Against Unconstitutional Quotas and Preferences

Being a strong advocate for equal opportunity and treatment in the workplace is hard work. Attorney James K. Fett has proven more than equal to the task while winning numerous high-profile reverse discrimination cases over the past two decades.

Our Pinckney, Michigan, law firm is committed to seeking justice for victims of all types of employment discrimination — including white males. If you have been denied promotion or otherwise discriminated against based on your race, gender or age, please contact us to discuss your potential case.

Have You Fallen Victim to Biased Diversity Policies?

In some organizations, terms like affirmative action, diversity and "under-representation" are used to justify reverse discrimination. Employer preferences and quotas diminish the importance of merit, and we believe everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed.

"If affirmative action means reaching out and broadening the pool of minority and female candidates, then I'm 100 percent for it. If affirmative action means granting racial or gender preference, then I'm 100 percent against it because it's unconstitutional not as determined by Jim Fett, but by the U.S. Supreme Court and other courts." — Attorney James K. Fett, quoted in a Michigan Lawyers Weekly "Lawyers of the Year" profile, December 25, 2000

Targeting Double Standards for Hiring, Promotion, or Discipline

In one landmark reverse discrimination case, we exposed a dual standard for promotion to sergeant within the Michigan State Police — requiring an exam score of 92-plus for a white male, but only 73-plus for a female or minority. We have also obtained positive outcomes in actions against:

  • Ford Motor Company — with a lawsuit challenging an employee evaluation system that unfairly targeted older white males for discharge and replacement, that ultimately resolved with a $10.6 million settlement.
  • The Michigan Department of Corrections — in a promotion discrimination suit on behalf of three white male guards that settled out of court for approximately $460,000.

We also pursue litigation centered on preferences for college admission and the awarding of government contracts. If you feel you have been victimized by reverse discrimination and the impact on you is serious, tell us what happened and we will help you evaluate any legal options you may have.