Race & Gender

Michigan Attorneys Battling Race and Gender Discrimination

Our Pinckney-based law firm is here for you if you have suffered serious consequences due to discrimination in the workplace. That includes persecution based on your minority race, female gender, ethnicity or certain other factors — or it may mean reverse discrimination if you are a white male harmed by diversity or affirmative action policies.

We are employment lawyers and activists for equal treatment in the workplace. Attorney James K. Fett has testified before the Michigan legislature on the impact of discrimination, and our firm has done significant work on a pro bono basis. We have earned positive results pursuing a range of race- and gender-related employment lawsuits. To request a case evaluation, please call or e-mail us today.

Taking on Powerful Opponents and Delivering Sizeable Compensation

We pursue all means of financial recovery for our clients in valid cases involving issues ranging from sexual harassment to bias in awarding government contracts. This includes targeting recovery of attorney fees, costs of pursuing the case, and interest, in addition to an award for financial and emotional damages.

By maximizing the value of these cases, we hope to help individual clients promote positive change.

In 2000, a jury returned a $1.3 million verdict for our client, a Hispanic laborer in Ingham County, who suffered racial harassment and retaliation for actions in his own defense.

Our lawyers have also prevailed — through verdicts, settlements and consent decrees — over powerful adversaries like:

  • The Michigan State Police — in multiple cases on behalf of state troopers, sergeants and lieutenants, denied promotion because of standards based on gender and race, resulting in settlements worth millions.
  • The city of Inkster, Michigan — in a Hispanic police lieutenant's federal case demonstrating that he had been passed over for promotion in favor of less qualified African-American applicants, which concluded with a payout of $400,000.
  • The United Association of Journeyman and Apprentices, Local 704 — on behalf of two African-American plaintiffs in a case that required a federal appeal and ultimately settled favorably out of court.

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We file complaints with the EEOC as part of our efforts for clients, but most of our cases require a willingness to go all the way to trial if necessary. For a caring, informed assessment of your legal options, please contact us at Fett & Fields, P.C.

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