Hostile Work Environment

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A substantial percentage of employment lawsuits are based on the contention that the employer created a hostile work environment or allowed one to persist. Most commonly, someone has suffered racial or sexual harassment — but victims are not necessarily women or members of protected minorities. Managers and others in authority can be held liable as well as the company or a government employer.

The lawyers at our Pinckney, Michigan, firm are prepared to help you evaluate whether what has happened to you justifies legal action against your employer — and whether the damages may make filing suit worth the costs. To discuss your potential case, please contact us today.

Pursuing Damages for Emotional Distress and Financial Losses

Many people subjected to a hostile work environment live with harassment for years, developing depression and even serious physical problems. Fear of retaliation is a common factor — and, when victims do report the problems, employer retaliation can become reality, adding financial damages to those associated with emotional distress.

Attorney James K. Fett has achieved positive outcomes in a range of workplace harassment and retaliation cases. Defendants in these cases have included:

  • The City of Ann Arbor, Michigan — in the first sexual harassment and retaliation case ever aired on Court TV, resulting in a $440,000 recovery for our client.
  • The City of Dearborn, Michigan — in another favorably settled sexual harassment and retaliation suit, brought by a female police officer subjected to crude behavior and denied promotion.

Advocates for Harassed Employees; Regardless of Race, Gender, Ethnicity or Other Factors

Mr. Fett has also represented a male in a sexual harassment case, an individual in a weight discrimination case, and a white male who suffered racial harassment in the workplace. Our strengths include proven abilities to:

  • Illustrate employer conduct in a way that creates appropriate outrage among the jury.
  • Bring forth credible testimony from family, friends and coworkers, rather than relying solely on psychologists or other experts' "clinical" findings.
  • Pursue financial compensation for both past and future damages.
  • Handle media relations adeptly for clients in high-profile situations.

The employers we sue often change their policies — and sometimes the perpetrators of workplace harassment are fired or resign. Although those changes are important, they typically occur only after intense media scrutiny or before a jury is seated. If you want to explore taking action against those responsible for your suffering, please contact us today.

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