Employment Discrimination

Attorneys Who Fight for Employee Rights in Michigan

If you have had a job — whether in the public or private sector — chances are you have encountered unfair practices. However, some actions and policies go way beyond unfair — they violate employment laws and must be challenged in court.

Our law firm's primary mission is the pursuit of justice and equality. We hold employers accountable for all types of employment discrimination — including reverse discrimination based on misguided diversity policies and affirmative action.

If you have suffered wrongful termination, been denied promotion or suffered other consequences of employment discrimination, contact us today.

Aggressive Representation Whatever Your Race, Gender or Age

"There is no shortage of discrimination out there. Most discrimination is directed to people of color and there's more against females than males. It's not right, regardless of who's targeted." — Attorney James K. Fett, as quoted in the Ann Arbor News.

Work is competitive and the rules should be the same for all. We have represented many Hispanic clients, African-American clients, and others subjected to employment discrimination, as well as women and men in sexual harassment cases. Our founding lawyer James K. Fett has also received accolades and media attention for fighting reverse discrimination — successfully representing white males in high-profile cases.

We will treat you with respect whether you are 25 or 65, and regardless of your gender, race, ethnicity or social status. We will listen to what happened and give you a straightforward assessment of your case. Some factors that may justify moving forward include:

  • If you are a mature worker who has obtained a responsible position and substantial salary.
  • If you work for the government or a fairly large company.
  • If you have been victimized by a "quota system" that disregards merit.
  • If the financial impact upon you is severe.

No Fear: We Take on the "Goliaths" in Employment Discrimination Cases

We have challenged companies such as Ford Motor Co. and public entities such as Wayne County, Oakland County, the cities of Ann Arbor and Pontiac, and the State of Michigan — and achieved positive outcomes.

When you contact us about your potential case, we strive to give you clear answers quickly. If we cannot represent you, we will tell you that. If we can, depend on us for a strong sense of what may be involved before you make a decision.