Discrimination in Government Contracting

Michigan Attorneys for a Level, Bias-Free Playing Field

In addition to handling many high-profile, high-stakes cases on behalf of individual employees — on tough issues ranging from unfair hiring practices and denial of promotions to sexual harassment — we are prepared to represent your business if affirmative action policies or minority/women set-asides have prevented you from landing a government contract.

To explain to a proven lawyer how you have been harmed and why you suspect discrimination in government contracting matters, please call or e-mail our Pinckney, Michigan-based firm today.

Fighting to Overcome Unconstitutional Systems of Preference

We understand that government contracts are "gold" for many types of businesses, and the success of your bids for these contracts can determine whether you succeed or fail. Our strong belief is that all government entities should be required to exercise due diligence and award contracts based on objective criteria such as merit and cost, rather than on any system of racial, gender or other preference.

We are relentless in fighting discrimination — including reverse discrimination — at all levels of employment and commerce. Our founding attorney James K. Fett served as counsel for the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI) in its successful effort to pass Proposal 2 in the 2006 general election. This successful proposal to ban state-sponsored affirmative action in public employment, education and government contracting was necessary because, in Mr. Fett's words, "there is widespread flouting of the equal opportunity laws in favor of minorities and against whites and males."

Trial Lawyers Proven in State and Federal Courts

Many of our successes over the past two decades have required taking on powerful, well-resourced government entities in complex cases. Our experience in taking cases all the way to jury trials, filing appeals when necessary, and pursing arbitration or other forms of alternative dispute resolution may prove important if we are able to represent you in your quest for justice and compensation.

We want to hear about your experience with suspected discrimination in government contracting awards or administration. Please contact us to request an honest, informed case evaluation by an experienced discrimination attorney.

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