Disability Discrimination

Michigan Attorneys Defending Your Employment Rights

At the heart of most potential cases of disability discrimination are two critical questions:

  1. Do you have a "disability" for purposes of disability law?
  2. Did your employer refuse to accommodate that disability or take some adverse action against you because of that disability?

At Fett & Fields, P.C., we are prepared to evaluate the validity of your claims and your likelihood of success in a lawsuit against an employer who has terminated you or refused to reasonably accommodate your disability. We encourage you to call or e-mail us today to request a case evaluation.

Wrongful Termination? We Will Take a Hard Look at the Facts.

Most disability discrimination cases arise from a wrongful termination. We encourage you to seriously consider your legal options if you have been, for example:

  • Fired from your job because you have developed a medical condition such as multiple sclerosis or diabetes.
  • Fired while you were on a legal and necessary medical leave of absence.

We are experienced employment lawyers familiar with your rights under state law and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA). This includes an understanding of recent amendments that we believe substantially improve our chances of obtaining a recovery for our clients.

A Proven Track Record in Complex Suits Against Powerful Opponents

Most disability discrimination cases involve complex legal arguments and, therefore, call for a proven trial lawyer. Led by attorney James K. Fett, we have earned our strong reputation by pursuing high-stakes, high-profile employment cases to state and federal courts throughout Michigan. Regardless of the prominence, power or wealth of your employer, we will not be intimidated.

We focus on presenting a solid and compelling case, exposing an employer's refusal to take responsibility for harmful and often reprehensible actions. In addition to being lawyers who fight for individuals who have been legitimately and seriously harmed, we see ourselves as responsible agents for change. If you have suffered a workplace injustice with costly consequences, please turn to us for the legal guidance you need today.

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