Age Discrimination

Michigan Lawyers for Victims of Age Discrimination

Age discrimination can be one of the most insidious forms of workplace injustice. Many older employees must continually overcome stereotypes embodied in expressions like "trimming the dead wood," that allude to a lack of energy or lack of knowledge of current technology.

At Fett & Fields, P.C., we fight back for older workers, from laborers to executives. If you feel strongly that age discrimination was a factor in your wrongful dismissal, demotion or repeatedly denied promotion, contact our law firm today.

Uncovering the Bias Behind Your Age-Based Injustice at Work

Targeting of older employees may be driven by many motives that are challenging to uncover and prove, including:

  • Many long-tenured employees are near or at the top of their pay scales and companies see cost-cutting opportunities in replacing them.
  • Health care costs associated with older employees have become an increasing concern for companies of all sizes in recent years.
  • Misguided — and, in our view, unconstitutional — diversity programs may lead management to prioritize race and gender over merit, tenure and other important criteria.

Recognition that Age May Be One of Multiple Factors in Your Case

We have obtained positive results for our clients in "pure" age discrimination cases, as well as others in which reverse discrimination or other illegal criteria were also factors. For example, in the first reverse discrimination class action suit against a private corporation, attorney James K. Fett asserted that Ford Motor Company was unfairly targeting older white males for termination as part of an initiative to diversify its workforce. This case ultimately settled for $10,600,000.

"The judiciary, lawyers and the general public need to be more vigilant because there's discrimination and racism and bigotry that's taking place in more subtle ways…" — Attorney James K. Fett, as quoted in Michigan Lawyers Weekly, August 21, 2000

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