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Respected Employee Rights Law Firm in Pinckney, Michigan

Attorney James K. Fett, supported by a dedicated professional staff, make up a formidable legal team. We are united in purpose, and our firm's reputation often precedes us as we take action for individuals against large, powerful entities throughout Michigan.

We have filed many employment-related lawsuits in federal and state courts, and we have built an impressive record of positive outcomes. That includes victories in several high-profile reverse discrimination cases. If you are a victim of any form of employment discrimination, unfair hiring or promotion practices, harassment or retaliation, please contact us for counsel.

"Trampling on people's rights is not legally or morally appropriate, yet it happens. All the time. I'd like to eliminate that." — Attorney James K. Fett, as quoted in the September 5, 2000, Detroit News

Carrying On a Long Fight that Is as Important as Ever Today

Workplace discrimination and harassment are far from things of the past, as many who have not been directly exposed to these evils may believe. Our law firm is prepared to handle cases statewide. We handle issues ranging from race or gender discrimination to reverse discrimination, denial of FMLA rights and age and disability discrimination.

Honest, Informed Case Evaluation

You deserve our honest, no-holds-barred assessment of whether you have a strong case worth pursuing. If we believe it is in your best interest to drop the matter and move on, that is what we will tell you. If, however, we decide to proceed, you can depend on:

  • Relentless, quality advocacy that has obtained sizable financial compensation and other forms of justice for many clients
  • Proven determination to stand up to powerful adversaries, as we have in successful cases against corporate defendants like Ford Motor Co. and government entities including the State of Michigan
  • Strategies based on decades of experience and familiarity with Michigan court venues, legal precedent and judges

For a Case Evaluation, Call 734-954-0100 or complete the questionnaire (see link located on the contact page).

We are selective in the cases we take, and when we go to battle we bring plenty of ammunition and armor. You make a huge personal commitment when you decide to file a lawsuit, and our commitment is equally strong. To tell us your story, call or e-mail our firm today.