This section of our website describes our fees for employment cases that we decide to take. We cannot take on as a client every prospective client that contacts us. We decide which cases to take based on factors such as the merits of the case, the potential recovery in relation to the costs, the rapport with the prospective client and the Firm's caseload. If we are unable to take your case we will make every effort to refer you to attorneys who may be able to help you.

Face-to-Face Meeting with an Attorney

We at Fett & Fields P.C. understand that if you have been terminated or are being harassed at work you are justifiably anxious about your financial situation and eager to meet with an attorney. To accommodate employees in these difficult straits we schedule office consultations with the firm's senior partner, Jim Fett. Please take a minute to review Jim's credentials which are posted on this site under "attorneys."

The fee for a consultation is determined by whether or not you are willing and able to completely fill out a questionnaire, and provide a chronology regarding your employment problem, at least two days before the office conference. If the answer is yes, the fee is $200. This is a significant reduction from Mr. Fett's judicially approved rate of $350 per hour. If for some reason you are unable or simply do not wish to complete paperwork before seeing Jim, the fee is $300, still significantly less than Mr. Fett's normal hourly rate.

These reduced hourly rates are available only to individuals who have been terminated, demoted, denied a promotion or are subject to sexual or racial harassment.

Office consultations are scheduled for Ann Arbor or Pinckney.

At the conclusion of the office meeting, Mr. Fett will tell you whether the firm is willing to take your case on a contingent fee basis or offer other courses of action.

Contingent Fees for Cases Involving Significant Long-lasting Financial or Emotional Losses

Most of our prospective clients require employment lawsuits to rectify, or at least address, adverse employment actions. Such adverse employment actions are usually termination, demotion, denial of promotion, severe or pervasive harassment based on an illegal factor (e.g. race, gender, etc.) or other employment actions that have a long-lasting, significant economic impact on the employee. We offer contingent fees for these categories of cases. That is, you owe no fee unless and until we obtain a settlement or judgment for you.

We decide whether to take cases on a contingent fee basis based on factors such as the merits of your case, the potential recovery in relation to the costs and our rapport. If we are unable to take your case we will make every effort to refer you to attorneys who may be able to help you.

Cases Involving Less Severe Financial or Emotional Losses

Many clients contact us regarding less severe problems such as a poor evaluation, bad references, review of severance agreements, advice regarding non-compete agreements, denial of raises or employee benefits or other adverse employment actions which, although serious, do not rise to the level of termination, demotion or harassment based on an illegal factor, e.g. sex harassment, race harassment, etc.

For this category of cases we charge a reduced hourly rate depending on the circumstances, including the nature of the desired services, the urgency of the matter, the press of other business, etc. Usually we require a modest retainer to do such work.

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