How does Fett & Fields review cases?

Fett & Fields, P.C. has designed our intake process based on the assumption that most prospective clients are, or will soon be, financially strapped because of their employer's actions (e.g. they have been fired, demoted, etc.). We therefore investigate and evaluate employment cases free of charge provided that the prospective client is willing to complete and return a Prospective Client Package("PCP") which requires:

1. Fully completing a client questionnaire;

2. Preparing a time line of the events which caused the client to contact us;

3. Gathering requested documents, usually only a personnel file; and

4. Returning all of the above to our office.

Usually, prospective clients provide this information by email but regular mail is also fine. If the PCP is over 100 pages please send it via regular mail.

We usually inform prospective clients of our evaluation and indicate our willingness (or unwillingness) to take a case in 7-10 business days.

If for any reason (looming statute of limitations, anxiety, etc.) prospective clients wish to meet with an attorney at our earliest convenience appointments are available on a flat fee basis. Prospective clients are encouraged to submit a completed PCP before meeting with our attorney if possible.

The flat fee is $300.00, and includes a meeting with one of our attorneys and a proposed solution at the meeting or as soon as possible after the meeting. Solutions could be filing a lawsuit, forwarding a letter to the employer, filing an EEOC charge, etc.


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