Alternative Ways of Obtaining Legal Advice

Many attorneys hold themselves out as "employment attorneys." Few, however, devote themselves solely to the practice of employment law. This is important because employment law specialists recover far more for their clients than those who dabble. A good analogy can be found in the medical field. For instance, would you hire a family practice doctor to do your open-heart surgery?

Those attorneys that specialize in employment law use various procedures to determine which clients to represent. Most use an elaborate screening process that involves telephone communication with secretaries and paralegals, with no direct contact with attorneys. We have found that, while efficient from a paperwork and time standpoint, such a process provides little comfort and assurance to employees that are anxious about their livelihood. It also rules out the ability for you to ask questions or provide more complete explanations of your issues. Our process is designed to provide the prompt one-on-one contact with an attorney at a price that distressed employees can afford.

We also understand employees have many attorneys to choose from. We hope that you are satisfied with whoever you choose, even if it is not us. We suggest, however, that you consider the following factors in selecting counsel:

1. What is the attorney's litigation and trial record? Are there newspaper accounts of their cases confirming large settlements or verdicts? (This website has many articles about Jim's many successes, many of them ground-breaking.)

2. What are the attorney's academic credentials? Did he or she graduate from a top law school? (Jim Fett graduated from one of the top law schools in the country.)

3. How long has the attorney been practicing? (Jim has been practicing for almost 28 years.)

4. What is the attorney's reputation with judges and other attorneys? (Review Jim's credentials to see that he has been widely recognized by his peers as an expert in employment law since he was a young lawyer.)

We would be pleased to schedule a face-to-face meeting with Jim to evaluate your problem and consider taking your case on a contingent fee basis.

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